Como hackear Dragon City en Android 2020, para muchas gemas, fichas y dragones legendarios, gratis

Well this time I come to teach you how to hack dragon city, on Android and IOS for many gems, tokens, legendary dragons, heroic dragons, food, level, gold and board

coins in a totally free, fast, working and easy way we are going to do with a web-type app it will be necessary for us to have our game linked to facebook, and being with a web-type app it will of course be without programs but before starting the video I want to recommend that you subscribe and activate the channel notifications, here I will be showing you how to do it, so that youtube immediately warns you when I upload a next video so they can get the most out of it previously I already mentioned the operating systems for which this hack will work, as well as the resources that we are going to obtain and In the ways that we are going to do it, however I know that you may need other types of tutorials need other types of resources, either for other types of platforms or it can simply be for the same resources and operating systems but they want different methods, so that they obviously complement them and manage to get many more resources if this is so i will leave you a playlist right now in the upper right corner using a card, as in the video description in case the card does not appear which is different variants for all this that I mentioned, the operating system resources to get them so you guys can really complement all of that, so I just recommend watching that playlist once they have finished watching this video well let's start, first we are going to enter the dragon city, obviously to show you the amount of all these resources that I currently have to later show them How many do I have after hacking, so let's go first the amount of gems, this is here, the tiles and dragons they will appear in the warehouse, so let's look at the amount that is here and I show them well above all the dragons that I currently have my inventory in case the food would be this shows us a number approximate the level if we can see the exact number that is this and the board coins, which we can see from here too, here is I already showed you all the resources I have before doing this, let's go to this section of our dragon city and it is something very important which will help us save time when hacking, and that is to pass this on to English after we do the hack we can pass it normally, but yes this will save us a lot of time will provide us with the way to carry out the hack We can close this for now, the next thing we must do is enter the link that I left in the description To enter this link, it is very important that we know how to open it directly from YouTube, and likewise skip the advertisements that this contains I will leave you the procedure to do this in a separate video, right now in the upper right corner just like in the description since it is possible that some people already know how to do it, then it is not necessary to put it within this video, if you already they know how to do perfect we would have already entered this link good talking about the ads.

I want to tell you something very important, I know that some do not like that they have “so many ads” in quotation marks because in reality there are usually only three that I leave in the links, where each one it does not last more than 15 seconds, so in theory we should not take more than a minute to skip them, however I want to reduce these ads as well, but with your support, so we are going to do the following previously we had already reached 200, 000 reproductions monthly on the channel at that time I think we are like in the 80, 000 or so, since I did not upload videos months ago, but if we manage to reach that figure of 200 thousand again I will reduce these ads, that is, they will no longer be 3 ads but it will only be two, it would be a total of only 30 seconds skipping this, after this we see if we set another goal, to leave it in just an ad and so on for now let's stop that goal having 200 thousand visits a month on the channel, we've already had it, so I know we can do it again and more because I will be uploading several videos a week, at least one maximum video I think three videos a week They also already know that if they want some specific type of content, they can leave it in the comments, so that I can upload a lot of content too, on this channel, so I didn't say that Something very important and that you are almost forgetting to mention is that the browser where we are going to perform this procedure I recommend that you have this search tool on the page It is not totally mandatory, but it will save us a lot of time, and it will make things easier for us then I recommend that the browser, in which they do so, I have a tool like this to search the page, then once we enter the link, it will be something very similar to this, here we can zoom no problem of course if we ever need it I do recommend that we use that of the zoom, since if we do not do it it will be seen from a distance, then it will be much easier well I'm also going to recommend that we go to the top left of the page, where it says language and that we put it in Spanish, so that they appear exactly the same words that will appear to me here, and make it much easier that they follow my procedure, so at this point I do recommend that they zoom in a little more to give it exactly on the flag of Spain, so the page will reload and it will be in Spanish and we can continue with the rest of the procedure here simply ask us for this information to start using the tool, which would be the token The procedure to find this will also be left aside, for various reasons, the first, there are several people who already know how to do this.

the second is that there are different procedures to find this the moment I upload this video, I only have one, but I will upload another one soon, and as more procedures and I will upload more of these to find the token, since it is possible that some procedures work for one type of account, not for other types of account and even depending on the day we are going to use it or even the work in which we are going to use it, it may not be working one so it's good to have like that list of procedures to find the token and never run out of that information to be able to use the tool then as I say I will leave them in the upper right corner using a card, as in the video description how to find the token from our mobile so quickly I will also find this information, and something with you to continue with the procedure Perfect, I have already taken out my token, I will have already put it there, and I have pasted it is censored by the following, the page itself already censors it, because this token should not be shared with absolutely no one, since they would have access to this platform, and therefore to various functionalities not to mention all of our dragon city, then it could do something wrong to our account so I recommend that, don't give him the token absolutely nobody, and once we stick it there, we can give it to get information once the information is obtained correctly we will see a box that says, ´´Facebook ID´´, and this means that you have loaded our information, however we verify here on the right, where all the information about our dragon city, our name, level and other things will be good thing about the token, is that it works for several days indefinitely then we can leave it stored that yes, in a very safe place where no one can have it if you give them anyway distrust to leave it stored there, they can simply find it, when they want to carry out a hack, but they also have that alternative to leave it saved copy and paste it here, and give it information when they are going to use this tool does not usually change, unless the platform, as such, that we are using do some kind of update, anyway they usually warn in notifications that appear when entering the page, that the tokens have been reset or something, and that we would simply have to return to find it, but this usually happens every few months weeks maybe then it's a very good thing not to have to be finding this information so continuously once we have loaded that, after having obtained our information, we are going to go to the superman box once in superman, we go back to our dragon city account, something that is very important is that every time we enter back to our dragon city we will have to load the information again, that is, not get a new token, but with the same token give it back to get information so that we update the session we currently have so to speak, that is to say, right now it is going to be my turn to have information again, for that it is a matter of seconds so we shouldn't worry about that, I just clarify it for you in case it doesn't work for you, that's why, because you have to get your information again here we go to the battle box, remember that it will be in English we give let's go, and we will be able to unlock any dragon around here, of which there are many There are many legendary, also pure, there are no heroics around here, but I will explain later how we would get these heroics First I am going to show you how we would get all these dragons from here, which in general would be the legendary and the pure So I'm going to show you the example with someone who hasn't even played a game for me, so let's go with this one it's called magician dragon we simply engrave the name, which would be magician, the dragon doesn't need us to learn it but we remember that name, and quickly go to the page, here it is very important that we go fast since if we take too long, the page may reload This time it was not the case, but as I say restart so to speak, my dragon city since I went out and went back in, so when we do that we must give it again to get information and the loaded information appeared, but when I tried to submit to the hack I simply get an error, so we must anticipate, we will get information with the token we were already using it's that simple, ready once it finishes loading, it will change to this color again to get information the vivid color that means that it has already loaded, and now we are going to look for that magic dragon, which would be the magician dragon, we go where it says all the tournaments, and there we look up to the right where it says all the cup tournaments and here is where we will need to use the search tool on the page as follows and there we write the name of the dragon that we want, in this case mine was, magician perfect here is dragon magician, here we memorize this number 236 in my case, you look depending on the dragon that you want in my case if the 236 if you want you can also write it down somewhere, stop and keep it in mind now being here we go a little to the left we give a tap over here, so that we can close that, we close that list of dragons and here once we leave the list of dragons, we are going to give it where my tournament says we are going totally right We give you load all the tournaments, that red bar that you see above will appear once it reaches the end, it means that it has already loaded once finished loading, we head to the part of all tournaments and we are going to select the number that we had recorded in my case it is 236, which is for the magician dragon, we are looking for it, it will be in order although some numbers will be missing, such as here for del 42 to 235 but my case It is 236, now we are heading in the same line of all tournaments, where it says and fights to unlock the dragons we have will appear, we go down to the last, and I recommend giving it auto select dragons we go up and head to the right, where he will have selected us this will automatically wonder why these dragons why author select dragons well here it will appear if you can tell, on the right the dragons that were selected which will be these three that are alone around here, it will appear necessary in each one and it will appear level, elements rarity and dragon type at all says level 0, no, no, no, this means they don't ask for any requirements To get this dragon, there are some dragons that ask for requirements, usually they usually ask for level requirements only although there are some who usually ask rarity item requirements of a dragon specifically but they are very few but he still recommended that they take that into account, if not select the three dragons means that we are missing some with a certain requirement, also here it will show us the necessary requirements, as you can tell, even when I remove it in this case it does not ask me for any requirements no level, no item or rarity or anything, so we can do it correctly you always keep this in mind That is why we recommend you select drag cars, and if any of them are missing, it means that a requirement is missing, that's when you should look here, if we lack one, what is the requirement that we lack, or the dragon we are missing, with what requirements is not this clear we go back to the bottom and we give a fight we quickly go to the top, where a red bar will appear and if everything went well it will not appear nothing but it will simply carry the red stick, why am I telling you to go quickly to the top, it has to be very fast, because if it does not work and since we have the zoom if it does not work up there will appear a gray ad in gray letters telling us that maybe our session has changed, if the session has changed, you know they would just give you get information again but it shouldn't happen if we gave you get information after having restarted or entered our dragon city again, in this case it must have worked for me in any case, almost always when it works, we can check the box of all tournaments, which will have a blank box in front almost always it works it appears in this way, however to verify it we do the following we click again to obtain information perfect already loaded it was obtained normally, and now we are going to load all the tournaments that are in the line of my tournament, as you can see here along this same line it increases the red bar appears correctly loaded, no error appeared and we verified in my tournament we opened the box in front where the tournaments that we have active should appear, at this moment we are going to look for the 236 which indeed as you can see is here 236 1 of 10 and it only appears to me that I should wait, that time that appears there for again hit submit, hit fight and I can keep filling in the boxes for that dragon in this case when we complete the 10 squares, we would of course already have the legendary dragon, which as we complete each of these squares dependiendo del torneo, dependiendo el dragón que vallamos a obtener, nos puede dar cofres de orbes o cofre de madera cofres de plata diferentes, tipos de cofres pero por lo general suelen ser cofres de orbes, entre los cuales hay algunos de orbes heroicos, entonces por ese medio podríamos conseguir estos dragones heroicos and they are many dragons so the orbs therefore also they would end up being many and so we would end up getting these heroic dragons, and additionally more legendary dragons rare dragons and others, but well the legendary, the pure and the heroic ones are the ones that really interest us in this video well I already showed you in general how to get dragons so pure heroic and legendary, of course I have to show them to you in the dragon city for probable that this is true so I'm going to take advantage of that I have to do a step, to show you how to get the gems, food, records board, level, gold coins.

we are going here, and I am going to show you that the dragon that we choose will already appear here obviously with its respective waiting time, here it is, we will see here in information to tell us what it will give us perfect will give us orb chests, of these and at the end our respective dragon we verify that he has given us the orb chest here effectively here is the chest orbs in this rare case, as you can see, I have some heroics around here, some I have already spent but here in this case it gave us strange, I'm going to use this perfect us a few, here now I will make use of the heroic, so that they see that it also works without any problem perfect a legendary I also want to use to show you perfect works for us too now for the rest of the resources that I mentioned, it will also be from this box of batlle we give let's go and it will be with the following that appear here, with these two in this case, these are for food of some board, and this one of food, also has essences of exchange for heroics, who already know how alliances work through this means, we could also facilitate obtaining these heroic, legendary and pure dragons so I'm going to spend these two gems to show them how it should appear on the page what we are going to do is have played even one of these, in this case I already played two and look cuál sería el próximo premio a obtener, y mirar en qué casilla sería, en este caso lo que nos tenemos que grabar es el número 3 y 20.

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