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Rachel in the wake of the Weinstein scandal and the me2 campaign I believe you wanted to pick up on the confusion surrounding what actually constitutes sexual 

harassment yeah that's right nish or should I say stop sexually harassing me nish because even talking to a woman is now completely

off-limits isn't that right nish no it's not an itch but it's fun to pretend to be confused about that isn't it in the light of recent revelations many men are feeling very worried about their own behavior and feeling a little bit threatened as well which makes me so

sad well done feminism says Martin Dorey in The Telegraph now men are afraid to help women at work well nish as ever the Daily Mail provides a very good barometer of the British public with this headline which actually happened is hugging still okay in the wake of the

Weinstein sexual assault accusations men ask what is acceptable to women in society now sociologist carolyn peterson says in the article men do need to recognize that a sudden arm around the shoulder or a pat on the butt isn't the innocuous gesture some might afford is an absolute minefield

what could possibly be wrong with spanking a colleague or the prospect of a sudden arm grabbing you from the shadows at these real headlines they're real niche they're genuine headlines welcome to the world which if you would please come and join me and let's see if we can

together sort this mess out it's absolutely impossible to see where the line is so I've come up with a series of visual aids to help you at home through this difficult time so the first one the biggest question is what is sexual harassment okay well let me first

say very nice use of the comic sans font there right if you're laughing you're learning let's start at the start say first things first can I compliment a woman yes you can say something like hello you look well that's fine but you can't holler nice what's at her

from a car not anymore sorry nish what do you mean sorry yes alright be the good old days okay is it okay to give a woman flowers yes yes you're right now yes as long as you don't put your penis in this tricky isn't it okay is it

okay to give a cheery hello to a lady yes of course it is but not if you're hiding under her bed not according to the PC Brigade screen and I'd like you to tell me do you think in your view that this is sexual harassment Oh Jan can

I borrow your stapler no he who's got an erection nish right I'm having reviewed this picture and the angle here standing at ya I now see that I was naive to think he was not fully erect very goodness in truth it's impossible to tell his armies directly in

the way let's assume that this one is fine but but what about this one nish Jen please come to the server room and wank me off [Laughter] I'm gonna say yeah I'm gonna say that's a definite not okay finish I'm gonna do now some harassment roleplay with you

okay I immediately uncomfortable news day where you're a non-threatening PETA male who's absolutely tailor-made for the friend zone so what we're gonna do is imagine we're in a normal pub situation and we're friends like we are in a way and so how would you greet me normally and

okay well we were friends so I would just give you a hug exactly give me a hug though but now just hold that for a little bit too long you know what that feels like does that feel right or wrong that it's feeling more and more wrong by

the second yes that's right now if it feels wrong it is wrong sometimes a simple greeting like a hug can be harassment if one of the participants is obviously using it for their own weird gratification hugging is absolutely fine ish but is blood suddenly moving to the groin

area if it is then it's a bad hug and is it nish is it yeah no there's no blood flowing anywhere [Applause] now look at the script nish it'll be fine there you'll be able to wing it on the night of course we wouldn't do anything to make

you feel uncomfortable I'm afraid that life is going to get harder now that we're not allowed to sexually harass anyone of course it is but if you do stick to my handy guide we will manage to walk that terribly fine line between being a decent person and a

complete wanker good luck to you ladies do tell the Rachel place [Applause]

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